When it comes to the integration of migrants, cities are faced with challenges such as access to the labor market and skills gaps, while migrants need to gain employment in order to contribute to the local economy and actively participate in their new community. This working paper argues that cities and businesses together can address the challenges related to integration while also leveraging the potential of migrants.

The labor market participation of ethnic minorities facilitates their social acceptance, and prevents further social exclusion by enabling social contact between migrants and the host community, and allowing them to develop their talents.

It is an output of the Global Governance Reform Initiative and the expert workshop that was organized in the context of that project in December 2016. The project and workshop focused on how stakeholders at the international, regional and local level can enhance the protection of vulnerable migrants while at the same time securing the resilience and stability of receiving states, transit countries and states of origin. The working paper suggests ways to maximize the positive effects of labor integration of migrants through the formation of partnerships between cities and businesses.