Contact Details

Statutory Address: Alexanderstraat 2, 2514 JL Den Haag, Netherlands

Postal Address: Fluwelen Burgwal 58, 2511 CJ Den Haag, Netherlands


Phone: +31621968533

Policy Plan


The objective is to develop an integrated approach towards issues where the lack of law and justice could lead to political, military, social or economic instability and inequality. The Institute achieves this by synthesizing the best and most innovative knowledge from national and international sources, with the aim of mobilizing various disciplines, and actors from different geographic and cultural perspectives.


By assembling the best multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise, the legacy goal of The Hague Institute for Global Justice is to sustain a strong international competitive position in strengthening the framework for peace and justice.


THIGJ was founded with funds from the Dutch government and the City of The Hague, with the idea of creating a world-class knowledge center that could eventually stand on its own feet and be self-sufficient.

The vision is to put THIGJ, more firmly on the map as “the worldwide center of expertise in the area of peace and justice in the justice capital of the world” while maximizing its own revenues and resources.

Statutory Positions and Names of Board Members

Statutorily there are three board members:

  1. Sohair Saber, President
  2. Mahmoud Abuwasel, Vice-President
  3. Susan Bastress, Board Member

Remuneration Policy

Per Article 3(4) of the Deed of Incorporation: All board members may obtain reimbursement for costs that they have reasonably incurred while exercising their duties. The board members will not receive payment for their work.

Up-to-Date Report of Activities

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