In partnership with UNICEF, The Hague Institute is designing learning materials to improve education in four eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo: North Kivu, South Kivu, Maniema and Province Oriental.

This project is part of the UNICEF Peace Building Education and Advocacy Program (PBEA). It aims to promote the values of inclusion, moral courage and respect for authority among children, parents/guardians, teachers and local leaders at the levels of the family, school and community. The Institute is providing technical expertise and guidance in the design and implementation of three main activities.

  1. The design of a program to help instruct adults on how to socialize children and teach them the values of inclusiveness and moral courage.
  2. Creating participatory in-class activities for primary school children involving culture and art.
  3. Advising communicators and teachers in each region on how to strengthen the contribution of educational radio broadcasts to promote a lasting peace.

Desk research is complemented by field visits, where our experts are delivering training to teachers, school principles and community representatives on how education, learning and the use of radio broadcasts can promote peace and mutual respect.

The main findings of the research will contribute to more evidence-based policy and practice and knowledge of the roles that education and radio programming can play in building peace. The research will also explore the evidence for indirect effects at the community level and the long-term implications for conflict prevention and peacebuilding. The research component of the project is being undertaken in collaboration with Radio La Benevolencija.