Yerli started to create computer games as hobby at the age of 12, and as a result of this hobby, Crytek was founded to chase his childhood dreams – creating the games he wanted to play and to share that work of passion with the gamers of the world. 

As “Founding CEO & President” of Crytek from 1997 until 2016, he led Crytek along with his brothers and co-founders to a global position in the video games and technology industries. Under his leadership, Crytek disrupted the market with the world’s first true real-time 3D Engine – CryEngine at 2000, which revolutionizing the way we create 3d games and simulations as well as how today 3d engines are designed, therefore, CryEngine’s method of creation and playing, became the modern blueprint and core of the global gaming industry today. 

Under Yerli’s leadership and in personal role as Game Director, and Executive Producer, Crytek launched blockbuster gaming IPs such as Far Cry, CrysisRyse – Son of Rome, Warface, and many others; touching globally hundreds of millions of gamers, winning hundreds of awards and resulting in billions of dollars in direct and indirect consumer spending. For these game projects he collaborated at highest level with the most senior executives of Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Sony, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Oculus, Google and many more.