In 2020, the Hague Institute for Global Justice convened the program on Space Security, Justice & Governance The program was launched in 2021 and develops a new platform for collaborative action amongst civil society and the public and private sectors in response to the growing needs for space security and justice.

The Hague Institute for Global Justice views the intersection of security and justice as critical to understanding and addressing our exponential growth into a space faring people, the effective management of which requires innovative and collaborative action at various levels. On this fundamental theme, the Institute conceptualized a program built around Space Security, Justice & Governance, composed of a select group of eminent civil society delegates.

Space systems are vital to sustainability, strategic stability, economic growth, scientific discovery, and the betterment of the human condition.  Decision-makers would benefit enormously from a sustained and focused multidisciplinary examination of the current state-of-affairs in space law and policy and the ways and means for civil society to mold the future of space utilization.

While the body of international space law and practice instruments are established and serve as a   roadmap for national security, and civil and commercial space activities, much work needs to be done at the national level to give effect to the implementation of obligations under the UN space treaties. The private sector needs a global framework that is transparent, level, and predictable.

The rule of law in space must be flexible, inclusive, and permissive for the next generation of space adventurers to excel.  Countries and companies transitioning to the new global space economy will need an unbiased and thoughtful institution that looks at the totality of the challenges ahead.

As the leading institution in the Hague focused on global justice, the Hague Institute for Global Justice provides exploring collaboration on the emerging body of international space law and policy which will define the global architecture for new and innovative transnational commercial space ventures.

The Hague Institute for Global Justice will provide a regular and sustainable platform for all to share their views on the future of the space enterprise that sets the foundation for global stability, economic growth, societal wellbeing, and the rule of law as we proceed through the 21st Century and beyond.

The Hague Institute for Global Justice will advocate for practical solutions to make the space enterprise meaningful to everyday life around the globe. The Institute is uniquely positioned to forge alliances with existing international entities associated with space activities and draw upon their decades of experience to arrive at fully informed policy recommendations.