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Armed Drones: the Need for an International, Interdisciplinary Dialogue

U.S. Air Force photo: Lt Col Leslie Pratt

20 Oct 2014  | by Marcella Mizzi and Elko Brummelman


At the request of the largest Dutch governing political party, Researcher Jill Coster van Voorhout briefed the Foreign Affairs Committee at the parliamentary premises on armed drones and international law. During this off-the-record meeting, she called for an international and interdisciplinary dialogue to achieve consensus about the use of armed drones that is compliant with international law, specifically international humanitarian law and its principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution.


Climate Justice: An Inclusive Human Rights Approach to Dealing with Climate Change

Hague Institute Photo
15 Oct 2014  | by Dr. Anja Mihr


Global climate change summits, climate change conferences, court decisions, civil society organizations (CSO’s) and action networks have never received so much coverage, attention and hope for change than in these days. There is an urge and a need to find local and multi-stakeholder based solutions to a global threat that affects all of us. One way of approaching this, is to address in depth the concept of climate justice. 


The Role of Cities in Peacebuilding and Statebuilding

Hague Institute Photo
13 Oct 2014  | by Natalie Palmer  


On 7 October 2014, the Knowledge Platform for Security and Rule of Law, UN-Habitat, The Hague Institute for Global Justice and Global Partnership for the Prevention of ArmedConflict (GPPAC) hosted a panel discussion entitled ‘Cities, Peacebuilding and Statebuilding’.


Training School on Climate Justice: Human Rights, Rule of Law and Good Governance in times of Climate Change

Hague Institute Photo
13 Oct 2014  | by Marcella Mizzi 


From 6-10 October, The Hague Institute for Global Justice, in partnership with COST Action and Utrecht University, has successfully hosted a weeklong intensive and unique Training School on Climate Justice, focusing on Human Rights, Rule of Law and Good Governance in times of Climate Change.


Project Presentation at The Hague Institute puts ICTY Evidence on Trial

Hague Institute Photo
08 Oct 2014  | by Tommaso Ripani


On 2 October 2014, The Hague Institute for Global Justice brought together members of the justice sector and experts in architecture, art and media during its conference on Susan Schuppli’s project “Evidence on Trial”, organized with the support of Stroom Den Haag, a center for art and architecture which focuses on urban environment. Susan Schuppli, a Swiss-Canadian forensic architect, went through the archives of the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) to explore evidence and how it can make the difference during a trial by the way it is presented.


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