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Lecture by Professor José Antonio Ocampo on “Global Economic Governance and Its Importance for Security and Justice”

26 Nov 2014  | by Dr. Joris Larik


On 20 November, The Hague Institute and the Stimson Center hosted a presentation by José Antonio Ocampo, former Finance Minister of Colombia and U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs and now Professor at Columbia University, on “Global Economic Governance and Its Importance for Security and Justice”.


Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance: Washington D.C. Consultation

26 Nov 2014  | by Dr. Richard Ponzio


On 21 November 2014, as a part of the launch of the Commission on Global Security, Justice, & Governance, the Commissioners gathered at the residence of the Dutch ambassador in Washington D.C. They were joined by a high-level audience of U.S. policy-makers, academics and journalists  for an off-the-record discussion of the Commission’s work.


Post-Big Bang Expansion, Is EU Overcorrecting with The Western Balkans?

Photo by Jon Worth
26 Nov 2014  | by Nikola Dimitrov


This article appeared on the Friends of Europe website


The perspective of joining the European family has proven to be the most effective mobilising factor to stabilise and reform the Balkans. It’s replaced the dark scenario of conflicts sparked by efforts to redraw borders along ethnic lines. It has undoubtedly been the EU’s most powerful geopolitical instrument, the latest illustration being the brokered Belgrade-Pristina agreement. Before the process reached the point of no return, however, the enlargement policy has been challenged, accession hopes dangerously watered down and the door slammed shut, for now.



The Hague Institute Attends 105th Session of IOM Council as Observer

25 Nov 2014  | by Tommaso Ripani


Today, Mr. Nikola Dimitrov, Distinguished Fellow at the Hague Institute for Global Justice, was in Geneva to attend the 105th Session of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) council. This event marked a very special occasion for The Hague Institute  since, after the positive outcome of its formal application, it could join the group of the over 50 NGOs currently holding Observer status and assisting with the activities of the Organization. 


Justice for Victims of Sexual Violence: The Ongoing Controversies Surrounding Comfort Women

25 Nov 2014  | by Dr. Malini Laxminarayan


Today is the United Nations’ (UN) International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. By raising public awareness of violence against women, governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations continue the fight against human rights abuses worldwide. One such example of mass human rights abuses occurred more than 60 years ago, through military sexual slavery during World War II. Though decades have passed, justice is lacking for these surviving victims, and understanding this case can provide lessons to the numerous countries undergoing similar violence.


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