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The Rule of Law and Establishing Trust in Judicial Institutions should be one of the Main Priorities of the Riga EaP Summit

22 May 2015  |  by Dr. Aaron Matta and Dr. Malini Laxminarayan


Today marks the second and final day of the Fourth Eastern Partnership Summit, which is taking place in Riga. The Summit provides EU leaders with a platform to discuss the future of this joint initiative with EaP country representatives. It may prove to be a critical event. In light of recent events in Ukraine, the EaP policy is currently being evaluated with potentially far-reaching consequences.


New Policy Brief on Adaptive Delta Governance

Fishermen unloading their catch to the local fish market / Mekong Delta. Foto by Esin Üstün/
22 May 2015  |  by Hague Institute Staff


In deltas, humans interact constantly and intensively in rapidly growing numbers with their ecological environment against a backdrop of increasing climate change impacts. How do governance systems, as a nexus of science, policy and society, cope with uncertainties and complexity in the socio-ecological system in different deltas? Based on an analysis of the governance challenges in three deltas, the recently published policy brief No.15 provides recommendations for improving delta governance.


Evidence-Based Fact-Finding

21 May 2015  |  by Erin Jackson


On May 20 2015, The Hague Institute for Global Justice organized an expert roundtable and panel discussion on evidence-based fact finding in partnership with the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research (HPCR) of Harvard University’s School of Public Health and the Government of Switzerland. The two events provided an opportunity for an interactive discussion about opportunities for improved fact-finding, including the development of methodologies and approaches for surmounting common challenges that have been encountered in recent fact-finding practice. 


Honk and Survive

20 May 2015  |  by Sieske Valk


In January 2015, The Hague Institute initiated new field work in Zanzibar. As part of the ‘Governance of Climate Adaptation in Small Island Developing States’ project, carried out under the Conflict Prevention Program, researcher Sieske Valk will spend 10 months collecting data and co-organizing multi-level stakeholder discussions to address best practices on the governance of climate adaptation in Zanzibar.



“World Government is the Only Answer to Global Crises,” says Dries van Agt

20 May 2015  |  by Hague Institute Staff


In the first Premier Perspectives lecture, former Dutch Prime Minister Dries van Agt offered a sweeping analysis of current global challenges, ranging from over-population to the trade in arms. His proposed solutions lay in enhanced multilateralism, but faulting the waning vitality of the UN and the crisis facing the EU, he did not consider himself an optimist in this regard.


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