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Constitutions, Global Governance and International Relations Theory

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31 Oct 2014  | by Hague Instititute Staff


The Hague Institute’s latest Working Paper hones in on the codification of principles of global governance in constitutional documents. During this year’s “Speech from the Throne” (Troonrede), King Willem-Alexander advocated an “active foreign policy, geared to promoting peace and security” and stressed that it “is no accident that promoting the international legal order is enshrined in our Constitution.” However, the Grondwet, is by far not the only constitution that has something to say about global governance and justice.


Europe's Role in Fostering Global Justice

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28 Oct 2014  | by Elko Brummelman


On 24 October 2014, The Hague Institute for Global Justice convened a panel debate with Dutch Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s) to discuss the role of the EU in fostering Global Justice. This open and informal debate with Ms. Judith Sargentini, MEP for Groen Links, and Ms. Marietje Schaake, MEP for D66, was moderated by Mr. Chris burns, Euronews talkshow host and Media Director at Friends of Europe.


What's Next for R2P? Dr. Jennifer Welsh on the Responsibility to Protect

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27 Oct 2014  | by Natalie Palmer


On Thursday 23 October, Dr. Jennifer Welsh, the United Nations Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), gave an insightful keynote lecture as part of The Hague Institute for Global Justice’s Responsibility to Protect Workshop (22-23 October).


The Hague Institute Participates in CYFY 2014: The India Conference on Cyber Security and Cyber Governance 

Senior Researcher Dr. Joris Larik, Panel on Norms for Cyberspace
24 Oct 2014  |  by Sash Jayawardane, Dr. Joris Larik and Mark Bailey


Members of The Hague Institute’s Global Governance team participated in the 2014 India Conference on Cyber Security and Cyber Governance (CYFY) from 15-17 October in New Delhi in connection with two key projects: the Global Governance Reform Initiative (GGRI) and the Commission on Global Security, Justice, and Governance. GGRI experts Dr. Patryk Pawlak and Mr. Jonah Force Hill, as well as Hague Institute staff members Dr. Richard Ponzio and Dr. Joris Larik contributed to panels on “Rethinking the Global Cyber Market” and “Norms of Cyberspace.”


Dr. Anja Mihr Discusses Transitional Justice at IAPSS Conference

21 Oct 2014  |  by Hague Institute Staff


On 20 October 2014, Dr. Anja Mihr, head of rule of law program, gave a keynote speech at the annual conference, International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) at the Radbound University of Nijmegen, Netherlands. Dr. Mihr talked about the role, impact and contribution that transitional justice measures can have in pre- and post-conflict societies such as Syria, Ukraine, Libya or Rwanda.


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