For over twenty years, Sohair Salam Saber has facilitated the establishment and development in the MENA region for organizations in industries ranging from infrastructure to technology, and innovation to government affairs.​

Salam has been a shareholder and held executive titles in numerous grass-roots and foreign entities and has been awarded the International Who’s Who of Professionals title. Her network of affiliates and associates extends to both ultra-high-net-worth private clients, Fortune 500s, and regional government entities and authorities.

Salam has worked with governments from North America to Africa, and from the Middle East to East Asia for over twenty years on issues such as public policy, innovation, and development.

“Governments should promote the development of the international legal order. We see this not only in the global efforts of the Netherlands but as a fundamental principle enshrined in Article 90 of the constitution of the Kingdome.” – Sohair Salam Saber