Dr. Rita Zhao, President & CEO of the Global Reach Co. LTD, journalist, writer, bilingual host, lecturer, world-renowned photographer and Honorary Principle of the Beijing School of the Deaf. Dr. Zhao graduated from University of California at Berkeley as the most achieved student majoring in Art. 

Dr. Zhao is the Secretary General of the Croatia-China Friendship Association, the Secretary General of Croatia-China Cooperation Committee, the Exclusive Representative of Rijeka University, and the Secretary General of the Croatian Senior Advisors’ Committee.

Dr. Zhao’s TV programs have been broadcasted via the highest Chinese media platform – China Central Television, covering the most current government policies, economic analysis, financial information, stock market report, company events, product introduction and interviews to the high-profile world leaders including Presidents, Primers, Ministers, Royal family members, Fortune 500 corporate CEOs and Ambassadors. To name a few: European Commission President Barroso; Princess Sirindhorn of Thailand; Presidents of Lithuania, Latvia, Nepal, and Cape Verde; Ministers from the U.S., EU, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Egypt, Malaysia and Tunisia, Ambassadors from the U.S., Italy, Spain, Sweden, India and Kuwait, President and CEO of Siemens AG, Airbus, IBM, Nortel, Yahoo, IKEA, ING and ABB, as well as Nobel Prize winners, and so on.