Global Governance Reform Initiative

The Global Governance Reform Initiative seeks to overcome the challenges of global governance in three important domains – cyberspace, migration and oceans – by improving the efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy of collective actions undertaken by relevant stakeholders. 

The project invites experts representing four sectors (government, civil society, the private sector and international organizations) and a range of countries (BRICS, MIST and the West) to participate in an action-oriented dialogue and research partnership that seeks to generate innovative, multi-stakeholder solutions to pressing governance challenges.


The experts will submit papers proposing solutions to key challenges that impede effective global governance. These papers will be reviewed by luminaries (i.e. seasoned academics and practitioners) to generate timely, practicable and demand-driven policy recommendations that address the challenges of global governance in particular domains (i.e. cyberspace, migration and oceans) as well as more generally.


The pilot phase of this project will focus on the global governance of cyberspace and is scheduled to commence in January 2014.


The Hague Institute undertakes this project in collaboration with the following advisors: The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands Institute of International Relations – Clingendael, and The Observer Research Foundation (New Delhi).

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News and Commentary

Call for Experts: Oceans Governance
08 Sep 2015  | by Hague Institute Staff


Effective global governance is one of the defining challenges of our time. Too often, key stakeholders fail to agree on or engage in concerted action to address pressing cross-border problems successfully. The Global Governance Reform Initiative (GGRI) is a project of The Hague Institute’s Global Governance Program. The Hague Institute is undertaking this project in collaboration with The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Observer Research Foundation (New Delhi). Its primary goal is to analyze the deficiencies of the current international system and propose policies for improving global governance in select domains. The present focus of this project is on the global governance of oceans.


The Hague Institute is currently soliciting applications from academics, experts and practitioners  who wish to participate in this project, which includes a two-day workshop in The Hague on March 31 and April 01,  2016 to present their research. Preference will be given to candidates who have at least three years of experience working on issues related to the governance of oceans.

‘Cyber Sovereignty': Centralized Authority in a Decentralized Domain?
14 Apr 2015  |  by Erin Jackson


How does the concept of sovereignty work in the digital world? What can states do, what should they do and what must they not do? Such questions permeated the discussions at the Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS), hosted by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in The Hague on 16 and 17 April.


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